Maybe Rainy

Some unstable atmospherics are blowing in down out of the Gulf of Alaska, so the new roof and gutters might be tested sooner than expected.

Up until now the weather has been splendid, and yesterday we went out into the field to weed out much of the remaining broadleaf dock, and some other “cabbage-y” stuff that has a pointy spike that does not appear very dog-friendly. Seven bags and two wagons-full later, we broke for lunch, with the dog supervising the whole time.

UPDATE: The cabbage-y stuff is “Storksbill” a species of geranium…

UPDATE: Threatening, threatening, and finally 0.1″ of rain yesterday and clearing today…

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4 thoughts on “Maybe Rainy

  1. Rained all day yesterday here and supposed to today as well. I was working on bikes inside the trailer so it was fine, again today. Hopefully done early enough today to pick up a beef skirt and put it in the smoker for fajitas. I just picked up a propane powered Masterbuilt smoker and I love it. Especially for under $200 and especially since I don’t have to go out two hours in advance to build the fire and get the smoker up to temp.

    That broadleaf dock started growing in my yard a few years ago. I dig it out as fast as I see it but… Super annoying.

    NIce that you can test the roof now instead of next winter. Lots of time to get it fixed if there’s a problem.

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    • As usual the forecast is slow in materializing down here, and it’s still dry so I went out and dug up more of the dock where we had flagged it. Worked for about an hour and a half with the dog running around and filled a pop-up yard waste thing – and just maybe got it all… Last year we just cut off all the seed-heads and I think that helped stop propagation.

      The gas smoker sounds nice! We grill a lot on the three-burner Weber, but I’ve been thinking about a smoker. The pellet variety is common but even the automatic ones seem fussy?

      Since the new roof went on (including more blown-in insulation) the attic furnace isn’t working but at least local temps are pretty mild and there’s time to see that get fixed and make sure the A/C works before Summer hits.


  2. We got the rain, thunderstorms, and quite the lightning show yesterday evening. And a tornado 40 miles west of us… sigh That time of the year!

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