The roof is in a stage called “embrittlement” and needs replacing. It is original to the house and a good thirty years old, so the roofers are coming tomorrow and we’ve been preparing for it. New gutters too, and in July a new coat of paint. They’re coming early and we are enjoying good, clear, and mild weather, so the timing is perfect. Just lucky I guess. The biggest issue is, what to do with the doggie and where do we go to spend the day?

Update: Got some useful feedback about roofing materials, thanks!

7-something PM

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  1. Yep, tar paper for the win AND better waterproofing, since it’s two layers. That ‘one’ protective layer is only good if they DON’T tear it… sigh

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    • Tar paper voids the warranty – this is California. The “roof” is a whole “system” now. The layer just keeps the dust out of the attic. And without it you don’t get the 15-year warranty – not with felt. The shingles are practically self-gluing in hot conditions (such as we have) and the size and thickness I paid for help deaden sound. Plus they are more fireproof, which means a lot up here. Anyhow the roof will outlive me unless I get to be 104…


  2. When they tore off my roof there were five layers, including what may have been the original wood shingles from 1909. The roofer was shaking his head since code is no more than three layers.

    Also, go with the best you can afford. I can’t remember the brand, but I paid quite a bit more to get the heavy duty roofing. Ten years or so and not a shingle has torn off in the high winds we get here constantly in the winter.

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    • Down here, more than one layer voids the warranty! I’m getting the top line GAF shingles and so far it’s going good, but we get a bit of weekend reprieve until they come back and finish on Monday. At least the old tin cover where the swamp cooler was is now gone and the roof is flush.


  3. Have you talked to the roofers yet? Do NOT let them use the new synthetic “underlayment”. Insist they they use two layers of the heavy felt, “tar paper” to use common folk. The synthetic stuff costs less, is easier to apply, and they say gives better footing for the workers.

    It will also make your house very noisy as there’s no damping in it. Every twig, pebble, or hailstone that hits the roof will echo through the house. It’s what they used on our house when we had the roof replaced two years ago, and the house is NOTICEABLY noisier inside.

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