Happy Vernal Equinox

The sun came up bright and shiny, over the tops of the trees and right between the balustrade posts, the steps going down to the field.We are getting a bit of everything on this first day of Spring: clouds, bright skies, wind, a touch of rain…and the doggie is loving it as she begins her fur-depletion cycle. Little white tufts of fur are ejecting from her winter under-coat, and furry little dust-bunnies are collecting in places she doesn’t even go. Pretty soon the black truck will have a white interior, and I’ll be vacuuming every day. Pretty soon when I go driving down the road with the windows down, a fur-tornado will cascade out behind me in tufts and waves – and so she is banished from the new, red truck for the time being.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Vernal Equinox

  1. I had thought several times over the years that the thousands of pounds of fur that I brushed out of my 85 pound wolf-Samoyed cross over the course of 15 years would have made a great coat if only I had kept it and had it spun into yarn to be woven into said coat. I used to joke with my friends about putting my Harley engine back together and having to wipe each piece free of fur prior to setting in place.

    Aside: for a second I thought it said “venal equinox” and that started my mind in all sorts of rabbity direction.

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    • Indeed! But it’s so fluffy and fine – and how does it roll up into little twists in the garage? Going down the freeway with all the windows down, while larger tufts float out, the small ones still attack! And for us this is only year two…


    • Yeh but since the winter she’s stayed outside in the garage because indoors is too warm. And yes it’s a fur tornado, so we roll down all the windows and hit the highway!! Cheers!


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