Storm Coming In

The flags are whipping and there’s a damp chill in the air – it’s snowing up there.Yesterday the skies were clear and blue and criss-crossed by contrails from high and distant aircraft traveling north and south and east and west like a giant game of tick-tack-toe… We enjoyed an afternoon of digging-up and separating iris rhizomes, and planting them in new locations. The embankment is erupting in daffodils and stinky narcissus. But winter is not quite over, and we are short on rainfall this season.

So of course, nothing happened. No rain, no snow (down here at least) – just dagnabbit cold in the morning, followed by puffy clouds and blue skies…

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4 thoughts on “Storm Coming In

    • Wow! You guys down south get it all! My grandpa’s brother Arthur moved from Nebraska all the way down to Corpus Christi to escape the Great plains winters!
      He grew grapefruits and other things that would never grow in west Nebraska.


  1. We’re expecting that front later this week. NWS is predicting ~30% chance of rain and/or snow.

    And it’s really dry here, too. Last I heard the snowpack was at +90%, so at least that’s good.

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