Sunrise Sunday

The sun has clocked around from the Winter Solstice and marched back past the big oak tree, and is making its way to the Vernal Equinox…I grilled again yesterday afternoon, a buy-one-get-one tri-tip (some trimming required) I found two that were both 30.06 (dollars) and that seemed appropriate. The trimming was actually quite extensive, so the Butcher’s bill still got paid, but the result was less fat and no silver skin.

The ’11 Silverado turned over 100k last week, and turned up an error code: the “Stabilitrack” needs fixing. Jason the mechanic thinks it’s just a sensor, tied to the low-speed squeaking noise that appears below 20mph – guess I’m just a slow driver, because I hear it and it’s annoying. So into the shop around the corner on Monday.

UPDATE: The promised two weeks of rain never materialized, but we seem to get a solid couple of days at a time – so the mountains are snow-capped and my drainage is running. Today looks like a good day to mow the doggie’s 14’x60′ (correction: 16’x84′) grass-patch. It’s getting pretty thick and the weather is fair – tomorrow supposedly will be cloudy and cooler, but you really never know with the weather.

More rain forecast for next weekend…supposedly, so picture of mowed grass (equine fodder, in fact). (Revised picture includes mower w/bagger attachment contraption)

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    • Mine is squeaking. It’s a rotational squeak that goes away if I drag the brake, and if I drag the brake enough, I think it heats up and the warning pops up…so we’ll see.


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