Doggie Likes Her Toy

We got some clear weather before more rain, and an early morning shopping-day when few cancerous-covid walking-dead are among the aisles, so we got some stuff to grill and a dog toy. Koda loves her some doggie toys…

In afternoon I went up on the roof and drilled three holes in the gutters where they overlap between rooflines. The guys who cleaned the gutters said that there was just a few (like five) 3/8″ holes drilled to help transfer water from one level to the other… No wonder that downspout never ran right., plus it created a big puddle next to the foundation.

So now the roof-water transfer should be a lot more *fluid.* (ah-ha) And I also went and deepened and lengthened the trench alongside the house/lawn, alongside the concrete edging, so the runoff will go down a pipe to the pine tree and stay away from the foundation. Phew, burning calories.

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