The Swamp is Back

An inch and a quarter yesterday, an inch and a half (so far) today, pretty soon it adds up. Might get some clearing tomorrow afternoon into Saturday, then more rain from Sunday onward with more clearing by the next weekend. The gutters are loaded up with asphalt composition (sand) from the decaying shingles, and over-spill is coming off every corner, but gutter-cleaner dudes are coming tomorrow morning so that should get fixed. They got their work cut-out for ’em, anyhow! And maybe the life of this roof is coming to an end. UPDATE: Should have two-inches easy before the day is over.

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    • Oh yeh, there’s lots of shiny, composition-free tiles up there. Wondering what a metal roof would cost, and maybe superior fireproofing? Although I’ve been told asphalt isn’t bad, it has more to do with environmental factors like debris.


  1. Our swamp remains dry-ish for now (the ground is soft, but there’s no visible water in the low spots… yet). Which is a good thing, as we’ve been clearing brush in the bottom of it, and planning to work up the sides as water accumulates. There’s still a lot of cut brush in the low-lying areas, which I suppose I’d better move soon.
    Looks like (contrary to the forecasts of even a couple of days ago) we’re supposed to get maybe three inches of snow soon. And us still with no sleds!

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    • Good to move the bottom brush while you can. We just missed the snow at this elevation, another couple-hundred feet and we’d be in it. The drainage ran well after two-and-a-quarter inches, and by morning the field was no longer a three inch sheet of water. And now with the labor of two young men completed, and three five-gallon buckets of asphalt composition have been removed from the gutters so the downspouts are functional again!


    • Update: the swamp still doesn’t have visible water in it (this time last year, it was full; this winter is bringing much more snow and much less rain so far), but the ground is damp enough that driving a tractor around tends to damage the turf… so further use of the tractor to remove brush piles from the back lawn must cease until things dry out and/or the grass starts growing again. There’s plenty of stuff to be moved from areas where I don’t mind tire tracks so much, so non-rainy days will remain busy.
      Meanwhile, the great drainage-management project has expanded, as we’ve more than doubled the size of our yard by annexing 11.5 acres downhill from here, including a few low-lying acres of should-be-prime-farmland that flooded badly last year. I figure a little drainage improvement should make that patch of land usable, if only for a large victory garden. Once we start getting runoff, I’ll mark the course of the natural drainage, and ponder how best to encourage it to stay in a reasonably narrow channel.

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