Two Weeks of Rain

That’s the weather forecast from now into February…with occasional chances for snow, since temperatures are now in the 30’s. Might get a few half-clear days, but for the most part it’s looking pretty gray – which happens to match my political mood… Yesterday was bright and sunny and warm, and we had lunch outdoors at our little local French restaurant.

So, it’s unlikely that I’ll be out on the Harley for a while, but maybe I can throw more chrome bits at it – if I feel like going into the walk-in freezer I call a garage.

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8 thoughts on “Two Weeks of Rain

  1. Better beware! That water build-up may cause that land to be declared “navigable” so it can be “regulated”. Sorry to give Xiden the idea left over from the Carter times..

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  2. LOL on your walk in freezer. I empathize. My garage is single, detached, and built in the 1920s. I thought about insulating and heating but it was too much work. So I don’t do much out there from November to March unless we have a rare warm and sunny day. Three bikes to maintain and fiddle with and I just don’t.

    PS Just realized that I now have to actually say “in the 1920s” instead of “in the 20s” when I refer to my garage. Presumably I also need to say “1909” for my house.

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    • Wow, yeh! It’s not as bad as walking across the yard to get there since it’s connected, but it’s also uninsulated and the concrete slab acts as a cold-sink. At least it’s all dry-walled… And I need to get the Wi-Fi to reach it. Mine was built in the 80’s I think, but not the 1880’s!


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