High-winds Noodling

There’s a blow going on since last night that has got my decorative windmill going bananas, and the 6’x8′ pieces of Astroturf have been picked-up and scattered around the driveway and tossed under the redwoods…so of course I do something else, because I already did that (picked ’em up) this morning.

But first I take down all the flags that are whipping in the wind, and find a way to fix the mounting brackets so they all take a 5mm hex-head nut to tighten against the pole.

Meanwhile a while back I had installed the “Stage I” kit on the Fat Boy, really just in order to remove the football air-cleaner and replace it with The Skull!And all that is great and it looks really cool and bitchin’ – except today while inspecting my handiwork I noticed a wiring plug hanging freely, something with a bung on one side, something which must have been concealed by the football…

Going through the RTFM instruction pages which I had not done RTFM on before but simply looked at the visual diagram to complete the job, there was a “#8 – Clip, adhesive” that I found laying in among some other tools, and I used that to pull up the dangler and hide it behind the air filter. Job done! Except for the part I now began to read since it was not just a cosmetic upgrade but a “Screamin’ Eagle Stage 1 Kit for EFI Models.” And that which I read was, You must recalibrate the ECM when installing this kit. Failure to properly recalibrate the ECM can result in severe engine damage.” Oh great, at least I haven’t put more than ten miles on it since the monkeywrenching…

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4 thoughts on “High-winds Noodling

    • Yeh, I’ve only driven it around a few miles, and around the field – but I’ve also blown up my share of air-cooled motors! The first Karmann Ghia engine threw a rod going over the Continental Divide in Wyoming…then the others…I had a stencil on the fender of that old thing, the number of blown motors, kinda like a fighter ace with the number Zeros shot down…


  1. It has an ECM? Fuel injected?

    They probably want the ECM reprogrammed to richen the mixture a bit. K&N sells high performance air cleaners and cold air intake kits, and they recommend you get things adjusted to take advantage of the denser air. Probably a Harley “Tuner” shop around that can do this.

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    • There’s a guy with a shop not far away who can do it, don’t even have to go down to Folsom! It seemed a little lean and hot, but I kinda thought it might be within tolerances since it’s not a really radical change, more cosmetic than anything… I guess I could put some kind of a foam sock on it, to return it to a more choked-off state rather free-air…


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