When in doubt, grill it out

Another pork tenderloin…and a comfortable 56-degrees.

Besides food-therapy, the Pandemic of the Wuhan Flu has brought about some retail-therapy, with more parts going onto the Harley Fat Boy: a “lay-down” license-plate holder, and an LED tail-light to match being the most recent bits.

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6 thoughts on “When in doubt, grill it out

  1. I’m coming down first week of April to get the bike ready to sell and help her figure out what best to do. Would love to get together for coffee or beer. My email is my screen name at the Google.

    As far a “riders on 49” that is actually why they live where they live. We were all stationed at Alameda and rode together. The best rides we ever took were the ones where we rode across to 49, up and down for a few hours, and then back across to the Bay. When he got close to retirement they figured that it made sense not to have to ride back and forth across the valley. That ride up 160 through Iselton to Freeport was spectacular, though. I lived in Concord so we would all meet at my place and then head over the Antioch bridge to drop down to the back highways.

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  2. You know anyone who might be interested in a 92 FXR with about 30k miles, close to you? My buddy passed away and his bike is for sale. I can’t rationalize it (well, I probably could but I’m trying hard not to) as I still have my 92 Fatboy and a newer Road King (03). His wife asked me for advice on getting rid of it as she needs the money and doesn’t ride herself.

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    • I’m sorry to hear of your loss, this “year” has been really lousy for lots of people.
      I don’t even know any other riders, or have any riding buddies so I’m afraid I’m not much help, but Jackson is just down Highway 49 and there’s actually lots of riders coming and going along that route. Poor Red’s up here is still really busy and the line of bikes outside last Sunday was considerable given the lockdown situation – but typically riders don’t pay much attention to CalGov edicts…and some restaurants don’t either!


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