47-Degrees and the Husky likes it.

After a brilliant sunrise yesterday morning the clouds rolled-in and the rain started. We got about an inch of wetness and mostly stayed-in – with just a walk up to the mailbox on the road for exercise. Today it cleared out, but another set of weather is set to come down tomorrow from the Northwest, but it may blow apart before it gets down here to us. So far the drainage isn’t even running…SaveMart had a buy-one-get-on deal on Tri-Tip, so with Thursday set to be clear again, I can grill and the doggy will have some topping on her kibble…

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8 thoughts on “47-Degrees and the Husky likes it.

  1. I think the NWS people are predicting a “normal” rainfall for the coming year. The old timers I talk to said this winter would be warmer and drier, and so far they’ve been right.

    They also said when that happens we’ll get a soggy spring, and damp summer.

    I think I trust them more than the govt!

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  2. Torrential downpours, flood warnings, seal failed on the bottom of my front door and water poured through. Maybe we can do a little swap. Maybe a pipeline for some of our excess? Of course that would require us to sign an agreement with the State of Cali and then, when we weren’t interested in renewing the deal they would sue us to force us to send you our water, so never mind.

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  3. Dry as a bone here, but it broke 50* today. Every time the forecast included a chance of precip, it never happened, and we don’t have any until the weekend, and then it’s a “slight chance”.

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