Christmas Eve Grilling

Rain forecast for Christmas, but it cleared up and warmed-up so we got out a couple filets and a pork tenderloin.After a nice sear and some indirect heat, we had lunch ready.

Merry Christmas!!

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12 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Grilling

  1. Grilling weather in December turns out to be scarce in the new location; funny how that turns out. Most of the 24th, we had rain, but by midafternoon that changed to snow, and by the afternoon of the 25th we had 8 inches of fluffy powdery snow piled up on the lawn. Very different from the Bay Area!
    This is apparently a very unusual amount of snow for the area. Maybe Al Gore is in town? The utility workers have been having a busy time getting people’s power back on.
    ‘Twas a good time for remaining indoors and using the kitchen for the cooking. (Lighting the grill might have been a challenge; I’m not sure what the minimum temperature is at which charcoal lighter fluid, applied to charcoal, can be ignited. I know the butane-fueled aim’n’flame stops working somewhere above 40°F. Next delivery from Home Despot, I gotta get a propane torch or three.)
    Happy Boxing Day!

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    • Merry Christmas! And surprisingly I have lost, not gained weight!! But/and there’s a new butcher shop in town that is doing land-office business since people are eating-in.


    • Merry Christmas! The fillets were a gift from Anthony at Lucky Gunner who I met a the Gunblogger Rendezvous! So I sent him a bottle of Leadslingers Rye that has a label featuring a Pacific Theater Marine and his M1 Garand…


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