Never Forget

We will not forget the rat-bastardly deeds of terrorists nineteen years ago, may they burn in Hell for Eternity.

Meanwhile we are experiencing our own ash-cloud of disaster, based on decades and decades of piss-poor forest mis-management by the hippie eco-activists who have taken over the Forest Service – and it has nothing to do with “glow-ball warming.” From the rifle range this morning around 7:30AM, you can’t even see the other side of the canyon – and with the overhead ash floating all around the State, temperatures here have dropped ten degrees.

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    • I wish the people responsible for the forest and wild lands would seriously take responsibility for the error in their ways, but they are so agenda-driven and blinded by fake-science, now they hang their hat on the global warming nonsense.


  1. The early snow we had a few days ago really put the damper on the big fire near here. They got 14″ in places, and another inch of rain. Nice to see blue skies again, and today they’re attacking the fire head-on in the hot areas that showed up in an infrared overflight yesterday.

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