In the midst of a dim, gray and brown haze from smoke, shoots of green are popping up after four days of watering – and the black truck has a fine dusting of white ash from the fires. Only going to 94-degrees today so cooler than yesterday, but we grilled corn and chicken early because it’s still too warm for outdoor-living comfortably. UPDATE: Got up to 101-degrees today, but not 110 like yesterday. I’m convinced the temperature and the watering has caused the very fast germination of seed.

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4 thoughts on “Green

  1. Not bad! 🙂 We’re down in the 50s the last two days, after high 90s. 3 1/2 inches of raid. Back up to the high 80s low 90s tomorrow, and I need to mow again!

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    • Our temps plummeted after all this smoke filled the air and the floating ash blocked sunlight. We’re down ten degrees today. It’s like when Krakatoa blew up in 1883, and Europe experienced a mini ice-age when the ash cloud wafted over and they had crazy-vivid sunsets and a cold Summer…


  2. WoW! Sprouted in four days? That’s incredible. It took two weeks for the areas I reseeded last Spring to sprout. I was about ready to give up hope on it, and then in between the morning and afternoon watering it broke through and shot up a good inch.

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    • It’s crazy! Planted on Wednesday, started watering, and BAM! it’s taking off like a green rocket. It’s got to be the heat we’re having – at 6:30AM this morning the temperature was 75-degrees already, so it never really cooled-off last night. The germination must have been accelerated by the heat and the watering.


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