Groundbreaking Equipment

We have been watering a roughly 16’x60-foot stretch of the dog’s penned-in area, to catch weeds that pop-up and to prepare it for more stuff than weeds. I scraped a section of goats-head thorn out, and in this heat a bunch of babies popped up so we plucked them too. I raked-back a bunch of tanbark to make a straight line.It’s an ongoing battle with the weeds, but I also got a sack of Equine Forage grass-seed at Tractor Supply and we are going to go to lawn with it, hoping its durable seed mix will prove weather resistant in this harsh climate. Meanwhile that raking in 90-degree heat got me thinking…and that got me shopping – which is difficult in this pandemic situationSo I went over to my local TrueValue/John Deere hardware store and talked to Don, who had some heavy junk on a junky wood-pallett out in back. A “integral hitch” and a box scraper someone ordered and didn’t pick up. Looked like it had been there a least a year and a half. It weighs like Harley Davidson parts, too. Heavy. But I got me a big X570 mower and it would fit.And it does. The teeth are reversible and removable, and I can also unbolt the sides and rear weight-bracket and just have a blade instead of a box scraper. The hitch assembly dropped right in and won’t affect my other attachments (the blower-bagger or the sprayer). Nice, and I got it at cost.It goes up and down with a lever-assist, and you can adjust it for angle.

And you can shift it left and right or adjust the depth of drag.

The ground off in the corner slopes away from the fence and I can probably build up that area, besides smoothing out all the lumps and holes and mole mounds…and have a lawn for the doggie.

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    • We decided to take-up the astroturf panels (and use them as weedblockers elsewhere) and seed the whole 16’x80’ approximate length of fence line.
      I must ride the wild grader!! Yee-haw! Then, whisky for my John Deer, and beer for my dog….


  1. Weed control, lawn replanting… I’m learning that everything, including weeds and squash vines, grows faster here than it did back in Silicon Valley (summer rain, decent soil instead of landfill, factors like that).
    Got a Plan for next year’s victory garden that starts with tilling the entire area (greatly expanded from this year, so things don’t end up planted so close together), then tilling it again, and again, and, after the last early-spring tilling, covering the whole area with weed-barrier fabric that can be taken up a little at a time as I plant things.
    And I have no regrets over springing for a 50″ rotary tiller when I bought the tractor. A rototiller of some sort was on the List, and the self-powered ones come in two categories: too small to get the job done, or too heavy for me to deal with (especially on this terrain).
    It’s just remotely possible that I might try to replace the various grasses in the “lawn” zones (the ones I try to keep mowed, as opposed to the “hayfield” zones, harvested twice a year by a local cow farmer) with some decent lawn-type grass that grows at a reasonable rate and doesn’t, e.g., put up tough, knee-high seed heads if I ignore it for a week. Next year. Maybe.

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    • Hi Eric! I totally get it now, and it’s taken a couple years. My soil tends to be dried out and compacted, “hard pan” from years of cattle operation, but otherwise it is decent and not landfill – I just have to watch out for former burn-pile spots, with old nails and screws and broken glass… Meanwhile I remember a self-powered rototiller that tried to kill me when I was helping an older friend in Menlo Park, those bastards are dangerous!
      We’ll have to see how the “equine forage” works, or if it becomes a disaster, but in these arid and sun-filled hills I just hope for something that can withstand the climate. Because I don’t intend to water it a lot, unless I have to!
      Good luck Amigo!

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  2. Pretty neat attachment for the tractor!

    I’m starting to believe the “locally grown” sod this place had installed 40some years ago is the wrong grass for this climate. The patches I reseeded last year came back with a vengeance this summer, and I now have big “splotches” of lush, green grass mixed among the rest of the lawn, which is pretty burned out this time of year.

    We’re going to have the back yard raked, tilled, rolled, and heavily reseeded this Fall with the stuff I planted out front, and hopefully the back yard will be restored next year.

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    • That sounds like a good plan! A 40-something lawn, locally grown or not, can wear out, grow old, and lose its “freshness.” We are going to try the horse-grass just to see what it’s like, and because it takes full-sun in this rather harsh environment.


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