Minor Heatwave…

I skipped my “Blogversary” last week. It’s a bit hard to imagine just how long ago I started this thing – and at this point, just how *relaxed* it has become. Anyhow everyone stay well and try to avoid the asteroid/meteor…have a great summer and don’t let the bummers get you down. My RSO job is tomorrow morning, the doggie misses me when I leave, but it helps the older shooters to keep up a routine. If it gets real hot we’ll call a ceasefire and go home early.

Everybody stay alert and aware of your surroundings, things are weird. I have seen more drivers crossing over the double-yellow, including a few idiot-maniacs who couldn’t possibly pass all those cars and two trucks, going uphill in a freaking Hyundai…and when I came over the hill in the big Silverado doing 65 with noplace else to go, they had cram their little shitbox car back into line… So be safe, mask or not, people are nuts.

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4 thoughts on “Minor Heatwave…

  1. I remember driving up to Yosemite from Oakhurst about 8 years ago (the drive from Merced to Oakhurst is too gorgeous from mere words, IMO), and was simply slack-jawed at the way the locals were driving up the 2-lane roads; honking, flashing their lights and making the most asinine passes, where, if they were to make the slightest error in timing or clip a tire on the 6 inches of “shoulder” that road had, they’d need to have made sure to pack a sandwich, since they’d not stop rolling down that mountain for what could have been time with a sundial.

    The Stupids have been buoyed by the ‘Rona lockdown around here, letting the throttle dip and getting half the drivers into the triple digits by my observations. The cops only stop the occasional German sedan when they’re flagrantly over the limit, it seems to me. I simply wouldn’t drive at all if I had to put up with that kind of driving out your way on mountain roads.

    Yes, stay away from the idjits who insist on getting behind the wheel.

    And Libs think guns are dangerous.

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  2. Congrats for keeping the blog alive! Many had dropped away. And yes, shoot early, leave early! Supposed to be 107 here again today for the 5th time this week!

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    • The dog-pool also doubles quite well as a human-pool! Despite the heat, the low humidity offsets the overall effect somewhat. So my wife and me sitting there on the deck with a glass of wine, decided to refresh the pool with cool water, and so we began the pump, spraying it out onto the hard-pan. And then I decided to re-route the tangled mess of hoses that were on the deck and in the way, and preventing cleaning…so I got the drill and a hole-saw and re-routed the hoses under the deck. And its 104, but only 15% humidity!


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