102-degrees, 15% humidity

At least it’s a dry heat. The dog moves between laying in the sun, in the dirt next to the Astroturf, and laying in the shade under the deck – or laying in the garage on the cool cement slab.

The two 10’x10′ Ez-Up canopies on the deck are providing good shade, and kill the reflected heat. The dog likes splashing in the pool to cool her hot paws, but the pool up on the deck sprung a leak. They’re made in Mexico of pretty flimsy plastic and only cost $12 at Walmart – but the Walmart summer inventory is long gone. So I pulled up the lower pool and layered the non-leaky pool into the other and it’s holding water. As a skilled proponent of Redneck Engineering, I’m going to spray a can of ‘as seen on TV’ Flex Seal stuff (in blue) into the lower pool, and slap the good one on top of it, and sandwich the two together to strengthen them and stop the leaking.

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The semi-sprawling adventures of a culturally hegemonic former flat-lander and anti-idiotarian individualist, fleeing the toxic cultural smug emitted by self-satisfied lotus-eating low-land Tesla-driving floppy-hat wearing lizadroid-Leftbat Califorganic eco-tofuistas ~

10 thoughts on “102-degrees, 15% humidity

  1. This week, we’ve been having highs in the low 90s, but with around 50% humidity. (Nighttime humidity is nearer 100%.) Thunderstorms are supposed to resume maybe tomorrow afternoon, or Friday for sure.
    These are the times that truly call for air conditioning. Yard work is for mornings and (maybe) late evenings.

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    • Thunderstorms up here are only in the High Sierra, but occasionally the “Delta Effect” draws cool air out of the foggy Bay Area with winds that draw off some of the heat… A/C rocks!


  2. We’re up in the low 100s thankfully with low humidity. Supposed to be 107 today. And good move on the pool. Kids and dogs can and will tear up a cheap pool in a heartbeat (ask me how I know)… sigh

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  3. High 80’s to low 90’s with high humidity and dew points around 70 here in Kommiecticut. I’ll take the dry heat of the desert southwest any day. At least when you sweat it is effective. I was in Las Vegas in the summer of 2002 and remember strolling down the strip at 11:30 at night where 95 degrees felt comfortable.

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    • Salut Capitan! 95 in Vegas at any time is comfortable! Growing up overseas in the tropics with 80% and more, it’s positively luxurious here. Of course the dog suffers because she cannot remove the fur coat, but I’m pretty sure the summers in Siberia get hot too, so we have a pool for her.


  4. I remember those kind of days…
    Been in the low 70’s here, but supposed to get up to a blistering 83 next week. Usually, rains every other day or so. Loving it after the 100+ all summer long in Nor Calif. My garden is coming along, after a long spring and late planting.

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    • Up there in Red Bluff they might as well have called it Furnacetown! I’m glad you got to a fine weather place with friends and family. Hangtown isn’t so bad here, or Mud Springs where we are – the weather in the Bay was monotonously bland and indifferent.


  5. Been in the mid to upper 90’s here, with 10~12% humidity. I have to water the yard every day to every other day, and it still looks like straw. Sweet Little Wife has to water her plants daily, and they still want more. Supposed to get some rain in a day or two, but I’ll believe it when it happens…

    Stay cool!

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    • The whole old pasture is getting pretty dry and rock hard. An electrician came out and cut the wires under the pipe – they were dead and suspect it ran from my neighbor’s old well to an irrigation pump. That property has changed hands several times but once was a part of the ranch… He had detecting equipment and traced the wires across the field to the other fence, and it/they was pointing straight at the pump house, and a foot and-a-half deep.

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