Summer is here and we’re looking at a week of Heat Advisory. The 10’x10′ awning has been a big benefit to reducing the impact of the sun, and the doggie now frequents the deck-pool, standing in it to cool her paws and lapping up the cool water. The Wuhan Virus has a low profile in this county, and business are open with folks wearing masks.The ongoing protests by radicals – the lawlessness and looting, the public displays of violence by anarchists that are disturbing the rest of the country, are thankfully not evident up here.

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The semi-sprawling adventures of a culturally hegemonic former flat-lander and anti-idiotarian individualist, fleeing the toxic cultural smug emitted by self-satisfied lotus-eating low-land Tesla-driving floppy-hat wearing lizadroid-Leftbat Califorganic eco-tofuistas ~

6 thoughts on “Solstice

  1. Mid to low 80’s here in the day, and mid 50’s at night. Scattered showers predicted for the coming week, but I’ll still have to water because with 12%~15% RH, the ground dries out real fast!

    Congrats on the CALEXIT, Eric! We bugged out 2-1/2 years ago, from Long Beach to Northern Colorado. Wound up with a much nicer, larger house on a lot that’s 3x the size we had back in SoCal. Dropped our mortgage to about nothing, cash in the bank, and significantly lower cost of living here. Most of the Kung Flu cases are down in the Denver area, and our Emperor Polis has been relaxing restrictions that probably weren’t needed way up here.

    Have a Happy Father’s Day!

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  2. We’re looking at mid-80s and humid the next couple of days, with scattered thunderstorms resuming Monday. The lawn and weeds like it! (Yes, the weather in East Tennessee is very different from that in Silicon Valley. There are seasons here. I’m having to adjust.)

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    • We got here very late in December, and were just starting to get settled in when rumors of Pestilence began making the rounds. So, the big plans came down with a bad case of the 2020s, and not much has gone as planned.
      Still, I’d rather sit out the Pestilence in a big house on 10 acres with some reserve cash in the bank than sit it out in a little house on a tiny lot and no reserve cash. All the madness of the-year-so-far has been a string of inconveniences for us, not a disaster.
      And I think the space squids will leave this neighborhood alone. If there’s a national dekulakization drive, though, we’ll be in trouble.
      Even with the Wing Bat Flu at large, we did (after some delays and complications) manage to sell my father’s house back in the Bay Area, so we’re now fully divested from California real estate!

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    • A big house on ten acres sounds marvelous! Cash in the bank (or in the gun-safe given how interest rates have been so sluggish), is also unequivocally a Good Thing. And congratulations on selling your Dad’s house, that is always bittersweet but inevitable…


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