6:22AM going back up to 90 today

Final mower action on the Field of Weeds (probably) for this season. Weather that was increasingly hot, then suddenly cool, is getting hot again. Businesses are re-opening and Big-5 had a sale on canopies – and a 10’x10′ EZ-Up fit nicely on the deck, and with it a child-size bathing-pool makes the dog happy.

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6 thoughts on “6:22AM going back up to 90 today

    • Things have been really up and down! More rain, temps dropped, then thundershowers and lightning – the dog wanted inside! Now sun and heat going back up this week…


  1. Amazing how different it looks from a few years ago. I am fairly thankful that it won’t be 90 here today (or ever). 70s and 80s is pleasant. Today it’s raining quite heavily, as it did yesterday, but since I’ll be working in my trailer on a bike the sound of the rain makes for a nice accompaniment.

    I need to get me one of those pop up canopies for going out shooting. Last year I had to drape a tarp over all my guns which were laid out in the bed of the pickup It was a pain.

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    • We got some rain tonight! This region gets dominated by Pacific high pressure zones all summer, but really anything can happen especially in the high country.


  2. Got up to a blistering 78 here today. First sunshine we have had in days…
    Place is looking good. What’s that saying: happy dog, happy life!

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