Back to Work

Gardening, that is…and we decided to expand the doggie-poolside (and reduce therewith some mowing) area by two more squares of astroturf. So that meant going to Home Depot… The Wuhan Chinese Flue distancing guidelines meant we all stood, about half-masked, in a line to enter the Essential-in-These-Parts store, while a security guard clicked a counter. As some number of persons left the store, another number were allowed to enter. Since I needed to replace the Kohler toilet-seal so it wouldn’t run annoyingly all the time, I made a detour through Plumbing after picking up the astroturf. Then I went to Hardware and got six 10-inch, 3/8″ carriage-bolts to hammer into the ground as anchors since I didn’t have any tent-stakes. Works a treat.Meanwhile in the zoomed-in Matisse-like iPad image you might notice red blotches (under blue arrows). Those are flags where we are expanding the size of the dry-creek drainage, about six to eight feet, to contain more run-off and avoid mowing in the squishy area. So a bunch of work ahead this Springtime moving rocks around to build the new, expanded perimeter. In the Summer when it all hardens-up, I can drive a truck-load of rock out there and fill in the gaps…

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    • Not sure about ambition, this looks like a long slog! But I need the exercise at this age, and the wife too – and while we sequester in our little world, we can imagine a new shape and ways to make it happen. My wife the organizer has an unending passion for work I can do…


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