Groundhog Spring

Punxsutawney Phil said it was going to be an early Spring and given the situation I’d have to agree. We got a doggie pool at Wal-Mart and some toys. Maybe a bit of astro-turf from Home Depot and nail it down. Ready for Summer!I’m fixing to mix-up some vinegar and salt weedkiller (with a dash of detergent for surfactant) and try to keep some of the weeds at bay…

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8 thoughts on “Groundhog Spring

  1. Wait, reading up on vinegar and salt (can I just crumble up some salt-and-vinegar potato chips and sprinkle them on my weeds?) it says “nothing will ever grow there again.

    That isn’t actually what I want on any of my property. I just don’t want weeds to grow there.

    • I just don’t want to use roundup in the main dog enclosure…but I got a lot of crap to kill out in the big field. But the field is covered in leaves so I need to “vacuum” up and bag bunches using the grass-cutting bagger attachment on the John Deere. Rain coming next week, so everything changes!

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