March of the Solar Orb

Yesterday’s high of 66-degrees recorded at the airport was much higher than any of the weather forecasts. This morning, under the same conditions it’s already a degree warmer. With no rain in sight I have to think this is the beginning of Springtime.

Meanwhile I wrestled with mounting the heavy-duty front replacement bumper on the John Deere X570. It is stronger and capable of handling “suitcase” weights added to the front that prevent the front-end from lifting when pulling ground equipment, and I intend to pull the spiked aerator/spreader with pre-emergent and plant some grass in the new fenced-in dog area.

The John Deere instructions were a bit…obscure. The four replacement bolts (on each side) are self-tapping “screws,” and it took a trip back to True Value to figure that out. Also the 3-foot long socket extension (arrow) that I found years and years ago, somewhere I forget where, finally came into use as I needed it to thread a hole in the frame and tighten up a replacement screw for the spring-loaded lift-assist for raising the mower deck – another component that was not at all obvious or described in the assembly instructions…and required the removal of some sheet metal and octopus like gyrations and contortions to accomplish – and some minor blood-loss. But it’s done.

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8 thoughts on “March of the Solar Orb

  1. If you don’t bleed on it, you’re not working hard enough… LOL. Re the WX, 71 yesterday, 38 and raining today… sigh

    • Yesterday it got up to 73! This morning it’s 39 but should climb again. No rain in sight so I’ll have to consider turning on the drip-line if I want water…

  2. Ugh. Servicing the lawn tractor is one of my least favorite chores, and it is that time of year, even out here where it’s still cold and windy.

    Your endeavor reminds me that I need to dig out the manual for mine, and as I recall, it is equally obscure with any number of items; the deck removal is supposedly easy, but I always end up looking like some ape with a hammer, attempting rocket surgery. Or something.

    Good luck on keeping up with your grounds. I need to do same with mine.

  3. 21 degrees here in Washington state this morning. Was thinking about riding down south to visit some folks but would have had to leave at 0700. I have no enthusiasm for that ride.

    • It’s fair to say I’m a fair-weather rider now… I would need some riding buddies to make an event out of long rides or destination-rides. Or a passenger.

  4. Always something to do in retirement. Here, if it’s not blood loss, its getting stuck with cactus barbs. Good to see you’re doing OK up there . . .

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