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The extended shifter and brake-lever are supposed to arrive by UPS, then the shifter-peg and brake-pedal – some assembly required after that.

Meanwhile thinking of making the Fat Boy a “Bag Boy” and wondering if there’s a way to make the rear cylinder exhaust on the left side (for a dual-pipe look) instead of the right side as current the configuration dictates:

…because reportedly – or from what I dimly gather – the pipes need to be below the rear axel in order to baggerize this beast. I don’t know if the frame configuration or combination of cross-pipes will allow it.

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13 thoughts on “MotorCompany Musing

  1. I was just looking more closely at your bike picture and those aren’t the Fatboy shotguns. Someone has already swapped them out for Heritage pipes so you should be good to go, depending on what kind of saddlebag you want. When you say “Bagger” you talking hardbags or just some kind of leather bag, either bolt on or throw over?

  2. For a dual side exhaust, look for Heritage Springer parts. Here’s a link to the Vance & Hines true dual Springer exhaust. They aren’t cheap but it is otherwise very difficult to get that pipe to the left.

    As far as bags, not true that you have to do this, but you do lose bag capacity with the shotguns. You have to buy little purse sized saddlebags.

    You can also just go to a Heritage Classic style exhaust, still on one side, but lower. That would be easier but cheaper as you could just buy a takeoff exhaust from someone. Here’s an example on ebay (shipping isn’t cheap).

    This would allow you to use any saddlebags without having to go to the effort of installing the Springer style crossover. This is the direction I went on my Fatboy. I bought Pythons back in the day (loud but not as loud as the current Pythons).

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