Prelude to Thursday

Rain and wind, and 40-degrees, but more is coming in and at low elevation – the field may be snow-white in a couple days…

Meanwhile the Doggie DNA results are in and she’s 90% Siberian Husky and a 10% Chow Chow mix from the grandparents/great-grandparents line. She sure likes to chew-up toys and spit-out the polyester stuffing!The garage is freezing cold so I’m not going out there to work on motorcycles, it’s bad enough just doing laundry, notwithstanding the regulatory debauchery of ridiculous limitations and excesses put upon me by California’s draconian “Air Resources Board” – but a set of some SK sockets (SAE) should be showing up one of these days… Maybe getting the garage insulated should be a future target.

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4 thoughts on “Prelude to Thursday

  1. Snow all around here, but nothing but rain at the hovel… Maybe tomorrow.
    What a beauty your dog is.
    Removal of those dang squeakers is likely to be a priority. They not only drive you crazy, but the cost of the vet removing them is high.

    • She seems to spit out all the internals, including the squeakers! The Husky breed explains why she pulls so hard on the leash. I need to get a harness for the yardwork wagon!

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