Misty Morning Sunrise

Low mist among the trees, temperature is 42-degrees but, “feels like 39.” They call this “fog” but it’s not really thick enough in my estimation.

Meanwhile, been thinking of selling the Gentleman’s Express, and considering what performance doo-dads to bling-up the Fat-Boy. The acronym FLSTF always makes me think of Falstaff, and he was a husky guy…

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18 thoughts on “Misty Morning Sunrise

  1. You wouldn’t need to upgrade your phone if you had the local shop install it. Once it’s in, it’s a leave and forget. You don’t actually even have to leave it plugged in once you’ve done the tuning, just keep it for the next time you do a change.

    Yeah on handlebars and seats. I started with a Honda CBR and passengers couldn’t see over. The Fatboy and now the Road King were a great improvement for them. Back seat still not comfortable though so some kind of upgrade is nice if you are going to do any longer rides. I am partial to Mustang.

    Leg length on the Fatboy is a bit problematic, partly because of the floorboards. You aren’t stretching your legs out like reaching pegs and they aren’t really adjustable although there is a bit of an angle adjustment that you can make by unbolting the mounts. (I think that’s still there. It was on the old style and I have never, in 27 years, been asked to adjust them)

    • V&H also make a CARB approved version for California, but reportedly it has fewer maps.
      Previous owner has removed the seat(s) and replaced them with a one-piece seat. The metal fastener-tongue has the HD logo stamp, but I also have the originals. Funny story: the first time I went-down (on the ‘89 FZ600) I met Mike Corbin, because he had also hit the same patch of ice up on Skyline and gone down, and later we did a fundraising ride to support the Children’s Hospital when I worked at the big private Robber Baron university, and I toured his seat making facility in Hollister.
      I ordered some extended-length “billet” foot-peg and brake-arm bling-bits to get a little extra length, so I’ll post on that when they come in!

    • In the Springtime might be a good road-trip. Not sure even about the replacement shotgun mufflers, or whatever they’re called. Staggered shotgun? Also HD has their own version or something of the same, the “Pro Street Tuner”?

    • Pro Street Tuner is more expensive (at least was, I haven’t checked recently) and requires a trip to the HD store to tune and install. It is not update-able via Bluetooth and doesn’t have a built in Autotune. Which means that if you change something, back to the shop for an update. I wouldn’t recommend it. (It is, of course, EPA and CARB complaint, if that kind of thing turns you on.)

      Depending on how loud you like your bike, S&S used to have a great option that perform well and aren’t particularly loud. I installed a set on a Dyna Lowrider a few years ago and she loved them. (A quick anecdote, however. I recommended to someone once years ago a set of mufflers that weren’t particularly loud. He came riding into the HOG meeting a couple weeks later and announced that “not particularly loud” apparently meant completely different things to different people.) Many companies now have recordings on the internet of what the mufflers sound like so you can check them out in advance. I’d take a look at Vance & Hines first as they are probably the biggest and most respected name in aftermarket exhaust.

    • It seemed like the HD tuner cost was $299 while the V&H was $399? Not really concerned about EPA or CARB until I talk to one of their representatives dressed in blue. The current mufflers are HD slip-ons and sound fine, just the air-cleaner is a bit staid and that’s where I was thinking of beginning, more breathing.

    • So that is a fairly new item and it is cheaper. Keep in mind that it doesn’t come with a cable so you’ll have to buy one of those from HD as well for $35 unless you are paying the dealer to install it for you so you’ll only save about $65. Reading about it, it doesn’t seem as versatile. If it were me I’d pay the bit extra for the FP.

    • I appreciate that and did notice that it didn’t come with a cable! It seems like The Motor Company sells each individual part separately, and at a premium! V&H drag-race Harleys and are a very experienced team, I will go with their offerings, probably including an air cleaner…

    • And then I see that you used “performance” and “bling” in the same sentence, which confused me.

      Throw a Vance & Hines FP3 tuner on there. It’ll make an immediate and noticeable difference and isn’t super expensive. Easily installed and tuned with your smartphone as it’s bluetooth enabled. Best place to get one would be your local motorcycle parts shop if you have a good one, or fuelmotousa.com if you don’t.

      Reading back we had a short discussion about the purpose of the holes in the wheels being to “reduce the wind effect”. As both a Harley mechanic and an engineer I can tell you that is pulled straight out of someone’s ass. The holes are for looks. It is, however, really funny to listen to people repeat ridiculous stuff they’ve heard as though they got it straight from the engineers at Harley (the seller, not you).

    • I was also told the holes in the wheels were, “aircraft-inspired, .50 caliber holes!” As a shooter of course I had to check, and its a bit mores than .50 cal. Thanks for the V&H tip! Maybe I’ll have to get a smartphone and replace my flip-phone.

    • The Vance & Hines FP3 tuner-thing is a whole step ahead in tech! It seems that could remain in place even with an air-cleaner/filter upgrade. And it’s just Bluetooth so not really “The Inadvisable and Unsecure Internet of Things.”

    • Aftermarket doo-dads don’t actually add value. They are just personalized things. But some ergonomic stuff like handle-bar location and related stuff can be advisable. With long legs the foot controls can seem a bit close. On the BMW the seat-height is an issue both for rider and passenger…the passenger sits low and can’t see past my back!

  2. Happy New Year!

    You’ve put a fence in, how did I miss that?
    It has been cold and rainy here, for days on end. Cabin fever is real. Seeing a little bit of blue sky today, so might load up and go for a drive.

  3. Life in the countryside! We’re just getting settled in, here in our country retreat, having finally departed rapidly-citifying suburban California for good on Christmas morning and arrived in Tennessee on the 28th.
    Officially 48 degrees of a sunny late-afternoon; I need to round up a proper weather station so we can get reports from our own yard, not some vaguely-nearby airport.
    So many things to learn….

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