Sunrise before Solstice

The sun has almost clocked around, rising through the morning overcast between the trees on the right. Cold and clear 30-degrees, birdbath frozen over and with no rain expected until maybe tonight or early tomorrow morning (40%)…

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10 thoughts on “Sunrise before Solstice

  1. Sun came out yesterday afternoon here in the Pacific NW. Temperature in the mid-40s so a perfect time to bundle up and do some errands on the Fatboy.

    One of the errands was to find some packing for the cases from my Road King engine. It is headed down to Texas to have new flywheels put in. Thankfully we get to occasionally ride even in the winter here.

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  2. It’s clear and cold here. Down in the 30s, supposedly starting to creep up into the 50s tomorrow through next week. Minimal chances of rain, yay!!!

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