Snow Forecast

29-degrees this morning and the water in the dog bowl froze-over – snow is in the forecast for this afternoon.

The bathroom floor is set. After further and continuous breakage of the ridiculously fragile travertine, we went to Plan-C: a ceramic wood-grain tile that reflects the rustic nature of this locale. At least and finall it’s getting done, and next up is the plumbing with shower glass and the double-sink vanity….should be done by Christmas!

And welcome to our newest family member, the dog.

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16 thoughts on “Snow Forecast

  1. I used to have a Samoyed/wolf cross named Brutus. He always wanted out, even in the worst weather so I bought a really expensive doghouse for him and put it in the shade of the apple tree. First big snowstorm, there he is, curled up in the middle of the yard in the snow. Sound asleep.

    A few years later I get the cops called on me because I have chained my dog out back without shelter or water. The animal control had to laugh when they came by, seeing this dog ignoring all the many amenities provided for him. Stupid complainers who couldn’t even be bothered to knock on my door and talk to me.

    PS He came in at night.

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    • Thanks Paul! She’s a rescue from our elderly neighbor whois moving and can’t care for her, and she is very sweet and friendly. She’s putting on her winter coat but we won’t require her to be an “outside” dog anymore since she’s eight.


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