November Morning

48-degrees and some scattered clouds but no rain or snow yet. Autumn has been very mild so far, thankfully because there is work for my guys to do, setting up the dog fencing with gates and posts. Which is what we must do since a few more travertine tiles are on order. Meanwhile we are getting ready to adopt our neighbor’s 7-year old white German Shepherd when the old man moves south…

The master-bath floor is dry-fitted but as this stuff is fragile until set down in thinset, a few broke. The curvature in the photo is a result of panoramic distortion, and the flooring was removed and laid-down in the next room in preparation for final install, which is when the breakage occurred. Maybe this all will be done by Christmas…

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  1. Nice Kukri in the header. My dad brought one back from Nepal for me that was given to him as a gift from the church at which he spoke. He emailed me with a pic and said “Do you want this or should I leave it here?” Duh!

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