Blackout Times

The beefsteak tomato plant is still producing, but PG&E is not – ostensibly for our own good and because of “fire safety.” Yeh right. PG&E is a colossally inept and corrupt power company. Thank God we country bumpkins only get electricity from them and are not doubly tied at the gas-umbilical, like the poor bastards in suburbia

So the propane generator is running – but the bathroom renovation is stalled.

Part of the renovation slow-down, besides everyone being out of power and local business severely impacted, is because the travertine flooring was inadequate and failed. The “not-really-rock” was/appears to be a manufactured veneer product more appropriately used on walls and simply incapable of withstanding any weight.

Pieces were breaking-off when cut on the tile saw, and the material lacked signs of actually being cut from rock – like saw-cut marks on the back, of which there were none, and we noticed a latex or caulk smell. So my good friends are working it out. Hopefully by Thanksgiving or Christmas…

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14 thoughts on “Blackout Times

    • Things are back to normal. PG&E just wanted to show everybody who the Boss was. Mainly the bath remodel stalled when the floor material was inadequate, and with the blackout, shipping new material was delayed because phones were out. So we lost a week and a half.


  1. Cali gov has much to answer for… People losing their ranches due to the Kincade fire, friends struggling because their businesses are impacted by lack of power, so many problems there.
    Glad to hear you are safe, and pray that continues to be the case.

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    • Thank you! Power is supposed to go off again around 9:00AM – so we’re somewhat overdue already, but who the hell knows? PG&E certainly doesn’t even know the grid they are supposed to run…


    • It was windy on Sunday morning with debris in the roads, tree branches down – but no fires up here so far. The one up by Kirkwood was a “controlled burn” started by the Feds, who were told by CalFire to NOT ignite it, and it got quickly out of control.


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