Blackout in Flyover

The backup propane-powered generator kicked-on about 2:18AM as anticipated given the warnings from PG&E. Ostensibly it’s due to “high fire danger” from “gusting winds,” and the Media is playing that tune loud and clear, but meanwhile rural school districts are closed for the day and freeway commuter traffic has slowed to a crawl as traffic signals are non-functional…And the Fat Boy is in the garage. With .50 caliber holes in the wheels…but more importantly the social experiment is over and power is back.

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16 thoughts on “Blackout in Flyover

  1. The spate of PG&E blackouts are all about softening-up the consumers and regulatory agencies for major price hikes in the near future (you DO want your refrigerator working next summer, don’t you?). At least that’s my opinion.
    PG&E is even pulling it off here in the heart of the Bay Area, which is hardly wildfire country. Tried to get some groceries after work, but the nearby stores were all closed. The mom & pop places (more like “mama y papa” around here) without backup generators probably lost thousands in spoilage…

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  2. Nice bike. I started with a 1992 Fatboy that I still have with about 170,000 miles on it. I love it. People would constantly tell me that they weren’t good for long distance riding. I would smile and show them the odometer. Then they would tell me that the wheels would catch crosswinds and make riding difficult. I’d ask them how many miles they had put on their Fatboy and, when they admitted that they’d never ridden one, I’d smile and show them my odometer.

    What year is it? If you need any advice or mechanical questions answered, please let me know. I am a 22 year professional HD mechanic.

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