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17 thoughts on “Salmon

  1. Your mileage may vary, but every time I’ve had salmon that is frozen and allowed to thaw, then been refrozen, when you thaw it the second time it turns to a mushy consistency almost like baby food.

    There’s usually 20 to 200 lb of salmon in our freezer, what with family in Southeast Alaska and the wife and I making a couple of trips a year up there ourselves. (We are headed for Juneau in August and Yakutat in October.) Plus we live about two miles from the Columbia River and most years we are able to put in a couple hundred lb over the seasons locally ourselves. Our hard-and-fast rule is once it thaws it must be eaten. Hope I’m wrong, or you were able to cut it and re-bag it without it thawing.

    Only thing I have found I can do with it after it is frozen twice is make salmon cakes or fritters out of it. I guess you could make salmon chowder out of it too, never tried that.

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  2. +1 on yum!

    We cook salmon steaks in Lodge cast iron with a self basting lid. Low to medium heat (electric burner).

    Melt butter (we use unsalted) in pan. Sprinkle some Dean’s Natural Grill brand ‘Lemon Seafood’ seasoning in the butter. Lay in steaks and sprinkle on a bit more Dean’s. Cook for 7 minutes a side. Done.

    We make Jasmine white rice to go with. I put some Teriyaki sauce on my rice, and a dab of this —


    on my salmon. Oh, my. Some may say that I am drowning perfectly good salmon in all those flavors. I’m not. It is just one of my absolute favorite flavor combinations.

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  3. I’ve been using a relish-mustard sauce for a couple of years now (my own concoction) for a dressing on our salmon, roasting it over a water-soaked cedar plank, directly on the charcoal grill.

    Throw some corn and fresh vegetables on there with it and you’ve got a meal fit for a king.

    Enjoy, sir.

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  4. I can attest to Heresolong’s method, if you don’t vacuum seal it. Are you going to smoke some of it? That is my favorite way to fix it.

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    • We had one of those home vacuum-sealing things and it never worked right or sealed properly. I’ve tried smoking on the grill but that didn’t work well either – and that was for cookin’ food. Guess I need a smoker, but have never used one.


    • I picked up a used Old Smokey Electric Smoker at a yard sale for next to nothing. Best smoked salmon I’ve ever made was with that. I have a BIL’s killer brine recipe for smoked salmon if you are interested…

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  5. We lived near a reservation and the Indians would come around the alleys in a pickup truck selling whole salmon. My mom would rinse and freeze on a cookie tray, then do it again a few times. Created a barrier of ice that kept the fish from freezer burn.

    I would think that now a vacuum sealer would work just as well although I don’t know for fish. Do you eat it pretty quick that you just shove it into ziploc bags and pop it in the freezer?

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