…and the not Usual.

It’s been a remarkably mild Summer so far, with mostly high-80 and mid-90’s temps, and awakening to clouds like this was completely unexpected.

Our neighbor friend returned from a trip to Alaska with a 30-lb. frozen salmon, which they gave to us as a gift because 1.) it’s huge, and 2.) his wife is not fond of salmon or fish. It’s slowly defrosting in my ice-chest, and I bought a long filleting knife – life is good! It will make many salmon steaks for the freezer.

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6 thoughts on “…and the not Usual.

    • I’ve had both, and what comes from the grocery store is flash-frozen anyhow – and this much fish won’t keep long just in the refrigerator…so I gotta freeze a bunch because I can’t eat eight-and-three-quarter pounds by myself at one sitting!

  1. The weather here is changeable most every day. Not missing the hot hot hot of RB at all.
    What a nice thing for your neighbor to do.
    I had salmon at my BIL & SIL’s this weekend and it was sooo good.

    • The fish thawed and I sliced! Filleting is quite an art. There was a bunch of extra bones that required pliers. Meanwhile the weather is back to normal-hot. 90’s…

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