Weather Window

The drainage project was working well and everything was drying out nicely, and I had even managed to mow the field twice- until this late storm moved in and dumped another inch-and-a-half yesterday, and another inch-and-a-half the day before yesterday. Now the “pond” is replenished and the “creek” is running again, fed by runoff from the surrounding hills.

At least I managed to get some grass-seed and soil amendment down on a bunch of brown spots – and it got rained-in. But the John Deere aerator-spreader I built was missing the “flow control lever” that controls the amount of stuff getting spread, so I hope the replacement part shows up soon and I can go back to playing in the dirt…

The High Country got another couple feet of snow with this storm and we are past the yearly rainfall average so there’s no drought this year, but also no extra reservoir storage – but the kids will be skiing on the 4th of July for sure!

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7 thoughts on “Weather Window

  1. It’s been a wet spring in North Texas too! And the weather has been ‘interesting’ the last couple of days. Just cleared another tornado warning a few minutes ago… sigh


  2. This is an extremely wet spring in North Texas… And the weather has been ‘interesting’ the last week or so. Just had another tornado warning tonight… sigh


  3. We got clipped with 2″ of heavy, wet snow the other day. It was mostly gone by noon, but kind of caught everybody by surprise.

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  4. We just got through about 6-8″ of rain over the last 5 days.

    This is on top of an already wet spring, which is not a bad thing, but I’ve got a construction project to work on, and placing concrete isn’t so easy when your holes for concrete piers are constantly being filled with water from the table pushing said water into them from below.

    My patience is wearing a bit thin.

    Hopefully this weekend will be more forgiving on that front.


    • Pouring concrete in the rain is no Bueno! Unless it’s that Roman submersible concrete? The news has been full of reports of MidWest rain and tornado warnings while little coverage has been devoted to the non-drought. Perhaps it doesn’t fit the Narrative…


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