A late storm bundled-up out of the Pacific and landed onshore, to give us a little weather and some feree sky-water. Probably the last rain of the season until October – but occasionally there are a few minor disturbances in Summer that also drop some water.

Before the rain (started last night) I managed to get some soil-amendment and grass seed mixed-up, and broke-up the hardpack clay brown-spots (in the foreground).
While digging and loosening the dirt in a couple of places I found large chunks of concrete left by the previous owner… He was a contractor, and according to my neighbor, used the field/pasture as a dumping ground for all sorts of stuff – and also had a big burn pile of rubbish, which I have been uncovering and removing debris. No problem! This whole deal is a multi-multi year project, and the main source of my exercise! Who needs a gym when you got all this wonderful stuff?

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4 thoughts on “Weather

  1. The pasture is looking good. Old dumps can be fun to excavate.
    Working outside has always been my preferred method of exercise. I hate being couped up in a gym.
    We had sunshine & 90* days last week, rain & clouds this week… love’n the PNW.


    • I got the mighty KTM running last night and tore around the postage-stamp acre. It’s fast! My endorphins were grateful and I didn’t dump it or crash in the wet grass, so +1!


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