Snow in the Sierra

We’re back to a bit of off and on rain, but the high country is set to get another four to six feet of snow over the next couple days.
Meanwhile things are bursting open in bloom – including trees, so I’m glad that no allergies afflict me! Spring is here, short but sweet, soon the long Summer will begin…

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6 thoughts on “Snow in the Sierra

  1. How’d you set up the raised bed off to the right? I’m looking at doing a bunch of those in my yard and am never quite sure. Do I need to dig out all the sod so that it doesn’t just grow up through, lay down some sort of cover before filling, or just build the walls and fill with dirt?

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    • Hi Amigo, those were already there when we arrived, and they’re falling apart a bit.
      The under-soil appears to be dug-out fairly deep, with a layer of sand on the bottom, and then filled with sandy loam – and then we topped them with black tan-bark.
      They are 4-foot wide and 9′-3″ long (why?), end-nailed pieces of 2″x8″ with stakes reinforcing the corners – and they are in need of repair. There already is a drip-line system in place that’s hooked up to the timer. and all three are “Station-3.” To repair/reconstruct them I would screw them together, and then use concrete form stakes in the corners instead of wooden ones.


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