Weather Window

We’re having a bit of clear weather, so I had to get busy. Yesterday I was out back behind the shed cleaning up a woodpile, while today it looked like a good day to run the mower and spread some more of the calcium-gypsum granulate – it’s supposed to soften up the hard-pan. Also rain is forecast for Wednesday and I want the material to water-in. But first some more woodpile work, then lunch.

Since I was running the spreader (over the foreground, in picture) I decided to mix-in a bunch of “Weed and Feed” plus some grass seed. The soil is rocky and pock-marked with gopher holes, and it’s generally a mess of weeds, but it’s slowly improving if you don’t look at too close!

On the other side of the bridge, to the right, a big bunny has taken up residence, and the machinery sound didn’t bother him a whit. It really a jack rabbit, and when he gets up to run, he’s nearly waist-tall without counting his long ears!

Meanwhile it got up to 69-degrees this afternoon, lovely.

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