35-Degrees Fahrenheit

We got a break in the weather, enough for the snow to melt away as the sun came out – however no real warming.

Chilly outside, and so I spent an hour yesterday putting a “wrap” on the lever of the Winchester ’73 to ease manipulation and protect the digits. It came out nicely, I suppose.That is about it as far as “improvements” to that rifle.

More rain forecast for this afternoon and through the weekend, turning to snow above 2,000 feet and up in the High Country. The ski resorts have gotten a bounty, so much so that a couple had to close lift operations and figure out how to get skiers to the top of the runs… We are well past “normal” for the snowpack and closing in on the rainfall figures – so no drought, I think.

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9 thoughts on “35-Degrees Fahrenheit

  1. Let it snow, those aquifers need replenishing.
    We have just gotten a few inches up here. I’m amazed at the lack of driving in snow skills by people that have lived here more than a few years…

  2. Yeah, there were major floods here in 1997. CSU lost like $8M worth of books.

    We’re fine here on the West side, but the people along the Cache la Poudre River definitely have to worry.

    • I remember driving through to Colorado from CA on Hwy. 50, heading to Rampart Range to ride dirtbikes, and winding up in the rain, going up a canyon road that seemed flooded with few outlets… The riding was awesome, and the thunderstorm that let go that night where we camped was insane, ball-lightning was flashing-off everywhere! BOOM!

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