View from the other side:

Another dry-ish spell last afternoon, and again with the muck-boots rake in hand We ventured forth. What was roughly an acre of pasture seems transformed into an acre of water: run-off.

So stepping on the metal rake, then flipping it around and stepping again, results in a chunk of removable turf-stuff that can be redeployed in squishy wet areas, and create a little channel to assist drainage – it’s the standing water We want to avoid. “Keep it moving, fellas! Nothing to see here move along!”It’s fun playing in the mud. The consistency and vegetation varies, with dense but shallow roots and hard-pack underneath explaining why the water sits on top and doesn’t soak-in – the result of years as a cow pasture, hammered-in.

Snow tonight and tomorrow! Get ‘er done!

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7 thoughts on “View from the other side:

  1. I’m wondering what effect a long drill would have on drainage there? Maybe set up a test patch of drilled ground to see if it makes a measurable difference.

    • Areation may help, and the gophers have been doing a good job of it! One of the flows coming off the neighbor’s field disappears down a hole, then emerges in a seep further down – so hopefully some are drowned too. Mainly the ground and soil needs to be amended so that clay isn’t dominant – or I should open a brick-making factory.

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