And…winter is back

For various values of “winter” at any rate. Looking at four days of rain, lightening up next Wednesday-Thursday, then returning – already an inch since last night.

More water running down the left side of the field, so more fun channelizing that! Meanwhile the 20Kw Generac fires up and test-runs at 9:00AM on Saturdays…for whenever PG&E decides to shut-off the grid to us deplorables and irredeemables up here in Flyover.

UPDATE : The rain eased off around four PM and since it was still light I hauled on my rubber boots and went out there with a rake to assist the drainage. Worked until it got dark and managed to get my 10k steps.

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7 thoughts on “And…winter is back

  1. Looks like you have a honker crew waiting on you at the job site.
    Ripped out the shelves in my little pantry, and now we have a new water heater living in there, Yay! Hot showers all around.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. That’s your idea of winter? You don’t know from winter, friend. Chicago was 20 below. We were 14 below or so – though I never got the howling winds where I am. And another 2 inches of snow overnight. (Of course it mostly melted today).

    • Just came inside to take a shower and change. If you step on a rake and push it into the ground, then flip it around and do it again, you can make a pretty neat little channel. Got my 10k steps in today.

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