Off a high of 64°. About 10:00AM we walked a couple miles (3) of the El Dorado Trail, from Mosquito Road up past Schnell School Road, to a point where we could look down on homes along Smith-Flat Road. The warm weather belies the incoming storm and anticipation of several days constant rain beginning tomorrow afternoon…

Meanwhile my RSO certification with the club is basically complete and yesterday morning I ran the pistol range. I had brought the M&P Shield9 with the laser, and the tiny Allen-head wrench to adjust it, since the laser-dot was a good four inches off at 7-yards – but as I raised it onto the black bullseye the light dimmed and faded away. Damn batteries! Or maybe it was the cold… So yesterday afternoon the G26 got an Apex trigger and bar installed. Talon grip-tape is coming for each.

Stay warm all my East and Mid-west friends!

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2 thoughts on “62-Degrees

  1. Yeah, it’s been colder-than-cold in my old hometown in Northern Illinois. A couple of my midnight-shift buddies called in “sick” because they knew their cars wouldn’t start after sitting out in -25* weather all night!

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