A river runs through it, sorta.

After the last couple of days of rain that amounted to a couple-three inches, we could see where the puddles were developing and what needed encouragement to drain.

So we raked aside the tanbark and opened up a couple spots on the flanks of last-year’s Dry-Creek Project. A little shoveling and moving rocks to create a channel, and the puddles started flowing. Nice. The high Sierras are resplendent with a thick mantel of snow, and we got a beak in the weather – until Sunday night…

Today after lunch at Sportsman’s Hall, the old Pony Express station, I got even more busy with the shovel. Way-busy. I got digging.

In fact I got about halfway to the “Archaeology Pit” before prudence and my back said stop. All-in I got some 18,915 steps in according to my FitBit thing. I’m not nearly as indolent and lazy as I had assumed, but I do seem to attract dirt and mud. This is my acre of exercise, and I don’t need a gym membership.

Gotta get the work in when the conditions are favorable!

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7 thoughts on “A river runs through it, sorta.

  1. LOOKS like one of those “Navigable Waterways” that the Obama EPA tried to claim dominion over !

  2. Gotta get the work in when the conditions are favorable!

    Boy you got that right! I missed the boat this year on getting some car stuff done before winter hit, and the temps dropped too low to do certain things.

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