The Edge of Wetness

Steady rain since yesterday (Saturday) expected to last all week. Yesterday was .43 inches of slow saturation, today .23 by noon — which is good news for the Fire survivors, we hope.

Close-ups of the railroad lanterns…Temps in the upper 40’s all week.

UPDATE: Got an inch of rain Sunday. 9-inches to-date, and “normal” is 15 so there’s some catching-up to do, but the snowpack reportedly is ahead of schedule…

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10 thoughts on “The Edge of Wetness

    • I can ask about that. I only know they belonged to a man who at one time was a conductor (?) on the Pacific Electric Railway. They lived in SoCal (Long Beach) before moving to NorCal (Loomis)…

  1. Of course all the foliage having burned off, the rain will now cause extreme flooding and California will be in the news once more. I still miss it, however. Haven’t ridden my motorcycle in about three months (not only due to weather but partly due to weather).

  2. We got hammered last night in the Portland-Vancouver area by rain and 50 mph wind gusts. Whole area lost power, but it was back on this am.

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