Rain Day-2

Rain today (as of 2:25PM) – 0.67 inches.
As of 2:50PM – 0.72 inches.
That was quick.
Rain yesterday – 0.75 inches.

Steady as she goes. Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! And thank God for the rain. Meanwhile the Redding press is up and mounted, and built like a tank.

Rain Yesterday – 1.05 in
Rainfall to Date – 3.05 in

UPDATE Day-5 – we’re short a bit in our day-to day “normal”:
Rainfall to Date – 3.53 in
Normal to Date – 7.96 in
Last Year to Date – 13.38 in

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6 thoughts on “Rain Day-2

  1. I think we’re about to get your rain out my way.

    It may show up in the form of mixed precip, which is nothing new.

    Hope all is well, sir.

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