So far just an occasional spattering, but more is expected to come tonight – perhaps not the media-threatened deluge they have been advertising. But more interesting and highly anticipated was the arrival from Brownell’s that I decided would help me on the reloading path:

It’s a departure from the big red progressive Hornady AP press that I kept crumpling .44WCF necks. I hope this will provide a bit more accuracy and finesse in brass handling and I’m going to donate that other on to the Club’s Holiday Banquet raffle as a prize.

UPDATE: A consistent on-and-off rain, not a torrent – so that’s good. Got the press mounted to the bench. Coming next some dies and a powder thrower, and a measure. Then load it t up with Trail Boss and start loading ’em up. Yee-haw, the original chambering, .44-40 on the trail.

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  1. I have heard that 44-40 brass is fragile. If the necks are crumpling during crimping, I suggest the Lee factory crimp die. It works by pressing inward on the neck of the case and does not apply any force in a lengthwise direction.

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