Log Rack Fail

What’s wrong with this picture? The log-rack is in position and I spent Friday afternoon moving the fresh-cut logs from the two trees onto the rack, plus some kindling sized sticks from the birches and wrist-sized pine branches. Also the rack bolted up easily and without requiring any instructions. The bolt were all there and the same size, and it was clear what to do.

So the next day (yesterday), I pushed the wagon around and began loading more logs from behind the shed to out-front where they are more easily accessible. I noticed one end of the old planter bed was damp from the irrigation that I thought was turned-off at that site, and as I loaded the rack with heavy dried oak it began to list to starboard until it was about ready to go under. Whooops!! Torpedoeed by the soggy U-boat!

I had a few terrace blocks out where the water tank used to be, and I plagiarized another two from the spillway-dam that I intend to re-rebuild with larger block (and in a more harmonious crescent-shape instead of the lumpy “D” shape it currently configures). When I laid the level on it, the length and with, the bubble landed near perfectly! Damn! How did I do that? Anyhow it’s not tipping over anymore.

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9 thoughts on “Log Rack Fail

  1. My sister downhill from you goes nuts about the clear air days or whatever they are called that the eco Nazis mandate….I get to burn merrily all winter long, score one point for England.

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    • I think it’s called “spare the air” days – which we are happily spared ourselves up here! Meanwhile the Forest Service is ready to begin the annual prescribed burn program when whether conditions are favorable, about 12,000 acres of National Forest. I guess it’s not ready yet, what with the disaster in Paradise.


  2. Dirt,

    You can come on over and split and stack my firewood anytime you want!

    All the hot coffee you can drink and I’ll make a pot of chili for lunch. Deal?

    I’m chronically behind with this task and this season proves no different. Oh well.

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  3. When I laid the level on it, the length and with, the bubble landed near perfectly! Damn! How did I do that?

    your superpower 🙂

    – – –

    i love levels. i know that’s weird, but i do 🙂

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