Change in the Weather

I went outside this morning to put a load of trash in the can and was surprised to notice water falling from the sky. What?!? Ok, so it was a bit of overcast, but actual rain?? On and off all day today, so far.

Meanwhile yesterday I got the KTM up the ramp and into the back of the Ford, and “went around the corner” to Performance Cycle for a brake flush and new fluids, plus the transmission oil (Type-F ATF), and some other moto love. This would have been a perfect riding day with the weather like this but it will come again, and without brakes much of the utility of an off-road motorcycle is lost. Besides that I need to find some other decrepit ageing senior riders with whom to spend some trail-time.

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  1. Yeah, fall is definitely in the air here. I just noticed the maple in our front yard is about half crimson. All the crab apples fell a week ago, and the cottonwoods are doing their fall strip tease dropping leaves, twigs, and small branches everywhere.

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