Today we’re down the scale on temperature, and yesterday topped-out just at 86.8°F – a blast of cool air out of Caanada with the potential for rain in some higher elevations has moved in – not that I can see any given it’s still smokey and hazy with only “moderate” air quality that looks worse than that.
This little ground vine is a co-conspirator in the ground assault on my pasture, and also another burr-producer. It’s double-root can run pretty deep on occasion, so the pick-axe is a good choice for counter-attacking.
The main and mass culprit being this other stuff that sends out a plethora of ground tendrils and a few verticals, with spiny baubles that tear off when the tendrils are pulled, so a soft touch with the pick begins at the root, and then the layers are rolled-up into a ball as each co-entqangled root system is revealed.
Playing wind-it-up-and-find-the-root. Then we stab it with our steely knives to kill the beastly ball.
But the horde is everywhere, and rampant.
Like a sea of nastiness. My Sisyphean task; just a few more green-waste cans, and then some more, and some more…etc. It’s exercise and muscle-building without going to a stinky gym. Swinging the pickaxe builds the core, and the lats, and delts, and stuff like that I don’t even know what to call it since I’m not a gym-guy. Plus you’re outdoors in the sun gettin’ your Vitamin D. Stay hydrated, my Friends!

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12 thoughts on “Weeds

  1. A walk-behind rototiller will keep you in shape, and kill most all those weeds. Did that one year, and nothing grew in the tilled sections that wasn’t deliberately planted. No idea why churning the ground had that effect. May have something to do with changing the orientation of the seed/root that confuses the direction of growth once it starts, but that’s a guess.

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  2. Probably have to spray multiple times. It took me three sprays with Weed-B-Gone to get rid of the nasties in my yard, which are now coming back… sigh The ONLY thing coming back after it rained.

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  3. We’ve got similar things here in Northern Colorado. Weed-B-Gon seems to clobber them while leaving the grass intact, but it’s a never ending battle.

    For the gravel/river rock borders we have I use RoundUp 360. It’s a Neutron Bomb on anything green and growing….

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    • I might try the Weed-B-Gone if it leaves the grass intact. It’s at a stage where there are so many little Weed Bombs dormant in the soil that I’m not sure preemergent will get them all!


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