Smokey Burnouts

Another week of ruddy, red sunrises and temperatures “doing the ton,” with the additional benefit of haze and smoke intensifying. Last night the temps never got below 70-degrees and the air quality from the fires is pretty poor. We had thought of escaping to a resort (Kirkwood) in the higher elevations, but by reports their air quality isn’t much better. Years (decades) of poor forest management policies and a Forest Service beset and infested with hippies and eco-warriors have lead us to this sad state. But it is recoverable.

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5 thoughts on “Smokey Burnouts

  1. A year or so ago (probably in relation to fires) I was reading something about the Eucalyptus trees in California imported from Australia. I don’t know if these are involved, but is anything being done to eradicate them?

    Or correct the years of mismanagement that have fueled so many fires recently? (Or are they blaming it all on global warming?)

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    • I think the EcoNazis are trying to put together their talking-points and Glow-ball warming power-point propaganda…in case they get hauled up before a Grand Jury, which they should.


    • They will sue of course but the Dept. Of Interior will not go along with them as was the previous situation since Clinton – including Bush who never pushed back, and Obama who was even more aggressively complicit with the nutjobs in the “Eco Justice” phalanx on the Left.


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