Sprinkler stands/risers

From the bottom to the top: 3′-6″, 4′-6″, 6′ tall – the tallest one is made by joining two short sections of pipe that I had bought, having misjudged the height I wanted/needed. This is all experimental and we’ll see how the shake-down cruise turns out…
UPDATE: Base is made by Orbit: 1/2″ Metal Ring Base
It’s a bit wobbly and helps to have a few cinder-blocks or large stones laying around to anchor the base or the initial impulse of water through the hose and up the pipe will make it tip over.

UPDATE: After a shake-down cruise and running through the sprinklers on a hot day, the short sprinkler just didn’t make the cut, not only because it simply splashed off the side of the house, but because running three sprinklers was one sprinkler too many. The pressure I have available can only run two in all their chaka-chaka-chaka glory.
I added a 30″ segment of pipe to the short one to bring it up to 6′ tall which seem optimal, and we can use it at the other house. Or donate it to my neighbor for the common defense.
Another ruddy sunrise and looking forward to a smoky day with at-best “moderate” air quality.

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  1. Is it feasible to add a water pump to your fire sprinkler setup to boost the flow/pressure, especially if you can add that third sprayer? I’m thinking an electric pump, as close to the source as possible (pumps work best as pushers, they tend to suck at sucking). An additional booster pump near the sprayers would help. Besides the generator, a battery bank might be useful as backup/current boost.
    A shutoff valve on each sprinkler feeder line (that is handy to reach) would be a really good thing! Having a hose/fitting blow in the middle of fire suppression could be a disaster if you have to hunt up tools and parts to isolate the bad section. Valves to isolate the rest of your sprinklers (by section?) should aslo be done, as a plastic line or fitting melting at an inopportune time would also be bad news.

    Keep your eye out for some water storage tanks to build a reservoir for fire duty for the future. I would be looking to hide/bury a few around the property, to give you the ability to do a proper job of firefighting if needed. (better to have some water, and not need it…)

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