Winning in California, or at least less losing…

This is the ex-Kamala Harris-run CA DOJ, the DC Democrat’s new darling-hopeful (right up there with the newly crowned Communist-Democrat from “the Bronx”), that again is shown to be a corrupt AND inept tool of the Bureaucratic Uni-Party in that despicable hive of scum and villainy known as Sacramento.

Less than two months ago, the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms (“CA DOJ”) formally submitted a proposed regulation expanding the application of its improperly adopted “assault weapon” definitions to apply in all circumstances. The Office of Administrative Law (“OAL”) was scheduled to decide whether to approve the regulation yesterday. Following opposition submitted by the CRPA & NRA legal team, CA DOJ officially withdrew its proposed regulation the day before OAL was scheduled to make its decision.
This isn’t the first time CA DOJ has withdrawn a proposed regulation. It was previously forced to withdraw its illegal “assault weapon” registration regulations following NRA and CRPA’s joint-opposition, regulations which were later officially rejected by OAL.
Those regulations are now the subject of a lawsuit titled Villanueva v. Becerra, which challenges the regulations as a violation of California’s Administrative Procedures Act and will soon be briefed before the California Court of Appeal.
This latest withdrawal of a proposed regulation expanding the application of DOJ’s illegally adopted regulations is welcome news for all California gun owners. At the very least, the withdraw shows CA DOJ does not get a free pass to adopt regulations outside the scope of its authority.

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6 thoughts on “Winning in California, or at least less losing…

  1. When I was transferred to CA with the military back in 1990 I was told there were certain types of gun registration. I dutifully stopped by the local PD to ask which guns I needed to register and they told me. Then did a bit more research and found that the specific gun they had mentioned was absolutely not on the required registration list. They flat out lied to me. It’s only gotten worse and it is one reason I no longer live in CA.

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    • That’s a PD problem, there are so many laws they have to enforce, and they don’t often know the answer, especially about guns! The gun shops on the other hand really have to be vigilant and know more than the Cops!


  2. Kalifornia is completely out-of-control. It saddens me that the lunatics are running the asylum because it’s such a beautiful state with such a rich history.

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